The number of places per visit is limited.

For extra security, buy tickets online!


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Are the Caves currently open?

Consult our opening times.

Buy your tickets and book your visit from our online ticket office.

Do I need to book my visit?


It is strongly recommended to buy your tickets online. with date and time for your visit.

How much do tickets to the Caves cost?

Check out our ticket prices here: Prices.

It is strongly recommended to buy your tickets online. with date and time for your visit.

Do I need to bring special equipment to visit the caves?

In order to join the guide who will take you for the visit to the Caves of Neptune, it will be necessary to take the path which leads to the small wood “Mont des Sens”.

This will give you the opportunity to admire the panorama located at the top of the cliff and overlooking the Eau Noire river.

This path is quite steep with a difference in altitude of 15 meters uphill and 10 meters downhill, with around thirty steps in total.

This trail is therefore sometimes a little difficult for people with mobility problems.

We also recommend that you equip yourself with a good pair of shoes (flip-flops prohibited).

Is there any car parks nearby?

There is a free parking on site.

Where can I buy my tickets?

Tickets for the Caves are available online.

Click HERE to make your reservation.

Am I allowed to take pictures inside the Caves?

In the Caves this is only allowed without flash.

Are dogs allowed inside the Caves?

Dogs are not allowed insidethe Caves of Neptune.

Dogs on a leash are allowed for the various hikes such as the Mont-des-Sens on the roof of the Caves.

Are the Caves accessible to the persons with reduced mobility?

The visit inside the Caves of Neptune is not accessible for the disabled or with a wheelchair.

The course is done on foot through galleries, stairs with a total of 86 steps.

Access to the entrance to the caves follows a forest route with a drop of 15 meters upwards then 10 meters downwards with approximately 30 steps.

This path is particularly slippery in winter or during rainy weather.

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Is it possible to visit the Caves with a baby?

The Caves of Neptune cannot be visited with a stroller, due to the many steps on the route.

A baby carrier for your baby is more convenient.

Walking baby carriers are not recommended due to the low height of the galleries.

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